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Meet our mums on the April Challenge

Meet Kim Williamson, contestant one on the Post-preggie Challenge Kim Williamson is a first time mum to baby Katherine. Kim joined The SO Fit Club’s Post-preggie Challenge to learn how … Continue reading

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“Seriously died today!”

This morning we moved swiftly into a high intensity TACFIT training session. There is no holding back now because Gez is fast approaching the end of her 12 week challenge … Continue reading

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A health first approach, always!

Joburg’s weather has been pretty miserable lately, only to reach the high 20s yesterday. The contrast of cold and hot temperatures left us all feeling a little under the weather … Continue reading

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“I see the definition in my arms. SO HAPPY!”

We received an SMS from Geraldine on Wednesday afternoon that went something like this “I’m not going to lie, I’m really stiff!” While the Post-preggie Challenge is not about inflicting … Continue reading

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126 lunges in today’s session (and that’s excluding all the burpees, kneeling squats and spinal roll with pike)!

We set the tone for this week by increasing the intensity and energy of Gez’s TACFIT training. Adding new exercises, maintaining effective breathing and quickening Gez’s pace was our goal … Continue reading

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7.5cm lost and we’re only half way through the challenge!

Each session at The SO Fit Club begins with a full body joint mobility warm up because pregnancy has a sure way of limiting our range of movement and negatively … Continue reading

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“By far the hardest session yet!”

Today’s session started off with a joint mobility warm up, progressed into a TACFIT protocol and we finished off with a tension release yoga flow. We introduced a few new … Continue reading

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“Loved training this week! Feel like I’m achieving my goal!”

Today we ended our training on a high by introducing a new TACFIT protocol Today’s focus is the TACFIT ECHO protocol. This protocol involves completing 5 exercises, each for 90seconds … Continue reading

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“Think six pack!” says Katya

Today we started with a full body joint mobility warm up to loosen up and get into a good training rhythm for our TACFIT session. Today’s focus is the EMOTM … Continue reading

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“I enjoyed today’s session but it is getting tougher”

Due to some rainy weather in Jozi, we had to shift out Gez’s second session in week 4 to Friday in week 5. So today is the start of a … Continue reading

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“No more red velvet cupcakes. I promise!”

This week we increased the sophistication of the body-weight yoga flow sequence. Gez pushed through 14 minutes, which is evidence that her strength is improving and her training stamina is … Continue reading

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“I’m as stiff as a rocking horse!”

For the past 3 weeks of the Post-preggie Challenge we have focused on joint mobility to loosen the stiffness and tightness Geraldine is experiencing as a result of her pregnancies … Continue reading

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“Had an awesome session today! Battling to walk but see you Thursday!”

Up to now we have focused solely on joint mobility and deep yoga poses to open up and release tightness in Geraldine’s body, especially her hips and shoulders. If we … Continue reading

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“Loving these sessions! Makes me feel so good and finally getting my life back on track.”

This week we took some videos at the SO Fit Club so that you can see TACFIT training in action. Here is what Geraldine had to say about how she … Continue reading

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“Feels like I’ve Run 10km and I Haven’t Left My Yoga Mat!”

Geraldine greeted me this morning with some stiffness and tightness in her legs and upper body. As TACFIT focuses on mindful training, we started today’s session with breath work to help … Continue reading

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Revolutionizing South Africa through Fitness and Style One Mum at a Time!

What an awesome start to the So Fit Club Post-preggie Challenge! The weather was perfect, and our session in the beautiful garden was tranquil and calm. Today we focused on … Continue reading

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Sign Up for the Post-Preggie Challenge Today!

Calling all new mums! Sign up for the Post-preggie Challenge today and be part of  South Africa’s Fitness and Style Revolution! Get your body back into good shape and avoid … Continue reading

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An Exercise Program to get Excited About!

When I started learning TACFIT, I was astounded how quickly my fitness levels increased. I felt so full of energy and excited for each exercise program that I was practicing.  … Continue reading

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