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An Exercise Program to get Excited About!

When I started learning TACFIT, I was astounded how quickly my fitness levels increased. I felt so full of energy and excited for each exercise program that I was practicing.  Every workout was a whole new discovery, learning movements that I never thought I was capable of doing, movements that half the time make you look like a gymnast, yogi and hip hop artist all in one!

TACTFIT: Katya Karakashian

The range of movement was incredible, I started with hardly being able to move, and very quickly all sorts of joints and muscles that I never knew I had were opening up and allowing me to reach the most incredible goals.

The best part of it was that I could do it in the comfort of my own home, in the garden, outside in a park and even on the beach! All I needed was a yoga mat.

Before TACFIT, my idea of getting into shape meant spending long hours in the gym, waiting for gym equipment to free up and running on the treadmill. I hated being confined to the gym. With TACFIT I started to enjoy my workouts they were challenging and I was never bored. I connected with an international TACFIT community and felt part of family.

TACFIT: Katya Karakashian

After discovering TACFIT, my idea around health and fitness shifted dramatically. Due to this shift I felt it necessary to take this further so that I could share what I had learnt and experienced with others, in particular other women. With only 4 other women in the country, I qualified as a Level 1 TACFIT Instructor. It was a grueling and testing qualification, I had to stretch beyond the comforts of my limits in order to make it through a very intense two days. TACFIT enables growth in so many areas of your life. Being certified by the founder himself, Coach Scott Sonnon was definitely a significant and humbling experience.

TACFIT: Katya Karakashian

Training TACFIT as an exercise program can be challenging, but it is also fun. You become aware of your body in a very new way. From the very beginning you start to understand your form, and the uniqueness of it. I finally realized my own unique athletic build and how being strong and healthy was a much more beneficial goal then losing weight and trying to look like a supermodel. TACFIT makes your FEEL good! And along the way, you start to look good too… but you never look anything other than the most fabulous YOU!

The SO Fit Club: Fitness Solution


2 comments on “An Exercise Program to get Excited About!

  1. Gen Karakashian

    Do you sell DVDs so I can do this at home?

    • thesofitclub

      Hi Gen!

      Thank-you for your enquiry. We don’t have any videos as yet – but watch this space.

      Em and Kats

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