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Revolutionizing South Africa through Fitness and Style One Mum at a Time!

What an awesome start to the So Fit Club Post-preggie Challenge! The weather was perfect, and our session in the beautiful garden was tranquil and calm.

Today we focused on a full body joint mobility session.

Joint mobility reawakens a Mum’s connection to and awareness of her body’s movement.

It is so important for mum’s to reconnect with their bodies because, from the beginning of their pregnancies, they’re so focused on the growth and health of their babies that they naturally and selflessly neglect how their body actually feels.

The So Fit Club Post-preggie Challenge - Session 1

To begin the class I shared with Geraldine the importance of getting her joints to move properly again, not only because of the tightness and stiffness caused from her pregnancies but also because in today’s fast-paced and Internet-driven world our bodies are moulded into the shapes of the chairs we sit in, the cars we drive, and the many other unnatural positions we tend to hold each day.

The So Fit Club Post-preggie Challenge - Session 1

We did not launch right into a hectic fitness training session from the start because we need to build a strong foundation through mobilizing Geraldine’s joints so that she has a sold foundation upon with to build her fitness.

The SO Fit Club Post-preggie Challenge - Session 1

All the full mobility movements we take our joints through in the first 3 weeks of the challenge will follow through into the fitness routines we will cover over from week 4 to 12. We do this because if you are unable to move your hips when you start a fitness routine, it will be nearly impossible to squat or lung without discomfort, injury or long term damage to the ligaments and muscles.

The SO Fit Club Post-preggie Challenge - Session 1

SO today we reawakened the muscles and nervous system by doing easy, pain free joint mobility to prepare Geraldine’s body for the intense workouts to come

Kats x


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