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“Feels like I’ve Run 10km and I Haven’t Left My Yoga Mat!”

Geraldine greeted me this morning with some stiffness and tightness in her legs and upper body. As TACFIT focuses on mindful training, we started today’s session with breath work to help Geraldine ease her stiffness and unleash the built up tension from Tuesday.

Today we focused on mastering the art of breathing.

“Breath work” (i.e. learning to breathe) may sound silly or ineffective, because we all breathe naturally every day, but the thing is, most of us breathe incorrectly – shallow and from your chest instead of deep and from your diaphragm. Shallow breathing or holding your breath while exerting effort through movement not only puts pressure onto the heart and nervous system, but also increases blood pressure and chance of muscular and joint injury.  Consequently, breathing correctly is central to TACFIT’s training philosophy because breathing with awareness and mindfulness not only enhances our well-being but enables us to carry this technique over into our exercise which enables us to train far more effectively.

The SO Fit Club Fitnness Solution

Once Geraldine had mastered the correct breathing technique, we worked through the joint mobility routine. Today we took our joint mobility routine a step further by incorporating a yoga practice called “salute the sun.” Geraldine had to consciously focus on her breathing technique to ensure she was training effectively and safely.

The SO Fit Club Fitnness Solution

Following the joint mobility routine, we turned it up a notch by introducing a yoga type vinyasa flow. This involved practicing 6 body-weight exercises strung together and repeated through 5 rounds. Again, Geraldine had to focus on using her breath to allow movement to happen effortlessly and without strain, while still working her muscles.

The SO Fit Club Fitness Solution

We ended our session with tension release poses to help Geraldine ease her stiffness further so that she can enjoy a long weekend with her kids – without moaning of sore muscles and limping along!

The SO Fit Club Fitness Solution

As our first week comes to an end, I am overwhelmed by Geraldine’s determination to get her body into a good and healthy shape post-pregnancy. After having two kids and not following a consistent exercise routine since high school, Gez’s motivation and passion for where she wants to go is driving her to already see results in how she feels and moves. Emma and I are grateful to be on this journey with you Gez, you are already an inspiration!

Get some rest, week 2 we will be turning up the heat :)


Kats x 


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