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“By far the hardest session yet!”

Today’s session started off with a joint mobility warm up, progressed into a TACFIT protocol and we finished off with a tension release yoga flow.

We introduced a few new joint mobility exercises today to increase Geraldine’s flexibility and range of movement, as Gez has loosened up considerably from her first Post-preggie Challenge session.

Today’s focus is the TACFIT BRAVO protocol.

This TACFIT protocol involves completing 4 exercises, each exercise is done for 4 minutes with a minute recovery between each exercise. This is a very challenging protocol because Geraldine had to focus on technique and breath to get her through repeating the exercise for four minutes non-stop.

The four exercises completed in this TACFIT protocol were:

1. Walking lunge

The SO Fit Club: TACFIT walking lunge

The SO Fit Club: TACFIT walking lunge

2. Bridge lift

3. Squat with Kettlebell

4. Monkey jump.

Gez expressed that today was undoubtedly her most intense training session to date. She found the monkey jump challenging and had to ease out of the exercise a couple of times to release the grip in her muscles. Gez had to dig deep to get those last monkey jump reps out! But she did it and made us all proud. WELL DONE GEZ, you CHAMP!

The SO Fit Club: TACFIT Monkey Jump

The SO Fit Club: TACFIT Monkey Jump

The SO Fit Club: TACFIT Monkey Jump

Overall Gez showed a lot of stamina and perseverance in getting through this protocol.

As this is week 6, we are HALF way through the Post-preggie Challenge so measurements will be taken on Thursday to reveal Gez’s progress to date.

Results will be revealed on Thursday! Stay tuned.


Kats and Em xx


2 comments on ““By far the hardest session yet!”

  1. Tracy Anderson

    Wow! I can already see a massive change in Gez’s physique! Brilliant job! xxx

    • thesofitclub

      Thank-you for saying so Tracy, I am sure Gez appreciates your encouragement. Gez’s unwavering determination and commitment to the program are yielding great results. What fun we’re all having. Stay tuned for more updates.

      Em and Kats

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