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“Had an awesome session today! Battling to walk but see you Thursday!”

Up to now we have focused solely on joint mobility and deep yoga poses to open up and release tightness in Geraldine’s body, especially her hips and shoulders. If we had launched straight into squats and lunges when Gez’s body was still tight and stiff, she would not have been doing these exercises correctly and this would have defeated the purpose of this challenge. Now that we have spent the necessary time to get Geraldine’s technique right, the heat is on!

Today’s focus is the first half of the TACFIT Q Challenge.

We introduced the first TACFIT protocol – the “Q Challenge” today. We completed 4 of the 6 exercises and will incorporate the remaining 2 exercises to complete the challenge on Thursday.

On Thursday we will score the challenge and monitor Geraldine’s heart rate to determine her current fitness level. Gez will repeat the Q Challenge in week 12 which will reveal her fitness and strength improvement as a result of the 12-week fitness challenge.

It is evident that the first two weeks of joint mobility and yoga has been tremendously beneficial to Geraldine. She is moving far more easily and her upper body strength has already started to improve. Gez is remarkably strong for a new mum — must be all of the baby lifting! :)

Watch this space for Gez’s first Q Challenge score. Will post it on Thursday!

The SO Fit Club: TACFIT Q Challenge


Kats and Em xx


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