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“I enjoyed today’s session but it is getting tougher”

Due to some rainy weather in Jozi, we had to shift out Gez’s second session in week 4 to Friday in week 5. So today is the start of a three-day training schedule this week at The SO Fit Club.

As today was the first of 3 training sessions this week, we trained at moderate intensity. It is central to the TACFIT philosophy that we prepare Geraldine’s body for the extra training session this week, not train her into pain so that future training sessions are negatively impacted. The SO Fit Club focuses on building strength and fitness, not breaking it down!

Today’s focus is the EMOTM TACFIT protocol.

Today we went straight into a new TACFIT protocol, called EMOTM, which stands for “every minute on the minute”. This TACFIT protocol requires that Geraldine complete 4 TACFIT exercises within a minute, 2 reps per exercise for 20 consecutive minutes. This means that Geraldine will complete the full EMOTM TACFIT protocol 20 times.

Gez started off strong, she only really had to push through the last 4 sets. This means that Gez’s intensity level will be turned up a notch in her upcoming training sessions this week.



Kats and Em x


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