Initiating South Africa's Fitness and Style Revolution

“No more red velvet cupcakes. I promise!”

This week we increased the sophistication of the body-weight yoga flow sequence.

Gez pushed through 14 minutes, which is evidence that her strength is improving and her training stamina is increasing. We can see Geraldine is more aware of her body and it’s movement range and has a much better understanding of the exercises.

From here the TACFIT protocols begin which will bring increase Geraldine’s training intensity dramatically.

Today’s focus is Geraldine’s eating plan.

Gez has been advised that from now she needs to pay careful attention to her diet. Each week Gez has to submit her food diary for review, as her diet plays an integral role in achieving the results that Gez wants.

Here are the 10 founding principles of Geraldine’s eating plan:

  1. Eat 3 meals a day with a mid-morning and late afternoon snack in between meals.
  2. Do not mix your intake of protein and carbs — eat protein at breakfast, lunch and dinner but no protein at snack time.
  3. Leave 5 hours in between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner because your body takes approximately 5 hours to digest protein.
  4. Watch protein portion sizes — rule of thumb is your protein portion should be the size of your fist or about 100g.
  5. Eat lean protein – fish and chicken and red meat only twice a week.
  6. Eat protein at breakfast, lunch and dinner with vegetables – limit your intake of carbohydrate vegetables but eat as much green vegetables as you like.
  7. At snack time eat 2 rice cakes or 5 Provita’s and a fruit – watch that the fruit is not high in sugar.
  8. Drink at least 2 liters of water daily.
  9. Drink a cup of green tea if hunger strikes because the warmth of tea is satisfying.
  10. Steer clear of refined carbs and sugars – no compromise here!


Kats and Em xx


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