Initiating South Africa's Fitness and Style Revolution

“Think six pack!” says Katya

Today we started with a full body joint mobility warm up to loosen up and get into a good training rhythm for our TACFIT session.

Today’s focus is the EMOTM TACFIT protocol, with sophistications on TACFIT exercises.

For today’s EMOTM TACFIT protocol we increased from 2 to 3 reps per TACFIT exercise and we sophisticated a TACFIT exercise to so that Geraldine is training each protocol to her maximum intensity.

Geraldine managed all 20 rounds in 20minutes. Her technique held strong and she pushed to a higher intensity level. With Geraldine’s hard work and commitment to her training Gez is starting to feel the benefits of her sessions and we are beginning to see results in terms of improved fitness, increased stamina, strong technique and a slight change in body shape.

There is no doubt that sticking to this intensity will yield Gez’s fitness goal by the end of the Post-preggie Challenge.



Kats and Em xx



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