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7.5cm lost and we’re only half way through the challenge!

Each session at The SO Fit Club begins with a full body joint mobility warm up because pregnancy has a sure way of limiting our range of movement and negatively affecting our posture. Engaging in a joint mobility warm up enables new mums to improve the flexibility of their joints to prepare their bodies for the TACFIT protocol.

Just a reminder why joint mobility is so important for the body:

  1. It moves the joints through their full range of movement to prevent stiff muscles and injury
  2. Joint mobility increases the inflow of oxygen and blood into the joint capsule, which is good for circulation and improves movement range
  3. A joint mobility routine activates synovial fluid (the lubrication that makes joints move with ease). When joints are inactive and inflexible, this fluid hardens which leads to arthritic joints, stiff muscles, and painful or restricted movement.

The SO Fit Club: Joint Mobility Warm Up

The SO Fit Club: Joint Mobility Warm Up

The SO Fit Club: Joint Mobility Warm Up

Today’s focus is the EMOTM TACFIT protocol.

Gez started off the EMOTM TACFIT protocol strong today, with 4 reps of each exercise. We focused largely on correct technique and breathing to ensure that Gez is receiving maximum benefit from her workouts, as we are half way through the first Post-preggie Challenge.

Half way through today’s EMOTM protocol Gez found it difficult to keep her original pace. As TACFIT is all about training to your maximum capacity, Kats regressed the amount of reps from 4 reps per exercise to 3 reps per exercise to ensure that Gez kept correct technique and breathing.

It is far more effective for Gez to train fewer reps with excellent technique than for her to train more reps with poor technique. The reason for this is this is: when Gez’s body fatigued during her protocol her training focus shifted from effective technique to counting reps. As soon as Gez started counting reps her training became ineffective because she was not performing each exercise correctly. If Gez does not focus on contracting the necessary muscles and holding correct form when training not only will her training be ineffective, she could end up with painful joints, stiff muscles or and injury.

What counts is that Geraldine completed all 20 rounds of the EMOTM TACFIT protocol using good technique.

Today Gez is half way through the Post-preggie Challenge. We are thrilled to announce that Gez is achieving her goal of getting her body back into shape post pregnancy by improving fitness and eating healthy. Here are Gez’s FANTASTIC results to date:

  • Arms: muscle gain of 1 cm
  • Bust: loss of 1 cm
  • Waist: loss of 6 cm (Can we get a Whoop! Whoop!)
  • Hip: stayed the same
  • Thigh: loss of 0.5 cm

CONGRATULATIONS Geraldine! It is evident that your dedication to the program, giving up those red velvet cup cakes and your determination to “look like the mistress not the mom” is yielding great results! We are very proud of you!


Kats and Em xx


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