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126 lunges in today’s session (and that’s excluding all the burpees, kneeling squats and spinal roll with pike)!

We set the tone for this week by increasing the intensity and energy of Gez’s TACFIT training. Adding new exercises, maintaining effective breathing and quickening Gez’s pace was our goal for this Post-preggie Challenge session.

Today’s focus is the AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) TACFIT protocol.

The AMRAP TACFIT protocol is a 20-minute long protocol. In the AMRAP TACFIT protocol Gez has to perform four TACFIT exercises to complete one round. The goal is for Geraldine to complete as many rounds as she possibly can in 20 minutes. But in every round, the amount of reps per exercise increases. In this TACFIT protocol there is no recovery time between rounds – rounds are repeated continuously. The aim here is to improve Gez’s fitness level and maximize her training capability through a cardio and strength training.

As Gez is training against the clock in the AMRAP TACFIT protocol, it is imperative that she breathes properly and maintains correct form to maintain a steady pace and maximize the effectiveness of her training.

Geraldine’s goal in this TACFIT protocol was to complete six rounds within the 20-minute protocol. Geraldine started off strong, by the fourth round Geraldine was tiring but with some cheering and encouragement from the sideline, she got a second wind and powered through her last two rounds. We were all thrilled that Gez managed successfully complete her goal of six rounds, with three seconds to spare.

Here’s an idea of what Gez accomplished today – each round involved 21 lunges so 21 lunges x 6 rounds = 126 lunges in today’s session! (and that’s excluding all the burpees, kneeling squats and spinal roll with pike.)

The SO Fit Club TACFIT Lunge

The SO Fit Club TACFIT lunge

Gez executed proper technique while maintaining a good pace throughout and was so please with her accomplishment.

The SO Fit Club TACFIT Kneeling Squat

The SO Fit Club TACFIT Spinal Roll with Pike

On Tuesday afternoon, Gez sent a text to say “Thanks again Ems for being there, motivating me and getting so excited for me.” It’s words of gratitude like this that make establishing The SO Fit Club so rewarding. For us it’s not about gaining clients, it’s about making life-long friends.

We are so grateful to be a part of our mum’s transformation process. For us, there is no greater reward than seeing you realize just how beautiful and capable you are.



Kats and Em xx


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