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“I see the definition in my arms. SO HAPPY!”

We received an SMS from Geraldine on Wednesday afternoon that went something like this “I’m not going to lie, I’m really stiff!”

While the Post-preggie Challenge is not about inflicting pain, it is good to hear that our mums feel that the TACFIT training is working. After all our mum’s enroll on the Post-preggie challenge because they want one thing… TRAINING RESULTS.  They want to lose their baby weight, tone their core, arms butts and thighs to get their body into great shape post pregnancy. It’s when our mums’ train outside their comfort zone that is when magic happens!

Geraldine arrived at this morning’s session feeling stiff. Tuesday’s AMRAP TACFIT protocol definitely pushed Gez to her maximum training.

To loosen Gez’s muscles and open her joints, we started today’s session with a yoga flow. Once Gez had warmed up, the TACFIT training begun.

Today’s focus is the TACFIT ECHO protocol.

This protocol involves completing 5 exercises, each for 90seconds with a recovery of 30 seconds in between each exercise. Geraldine has to complete two rounds of this protocol.

When performing the TACFIT ECHO  protocol this time, Geraldine’s primary focus was to do her best to keep all TACFIT exercises flowing as if they were one continuous movement (as opposed to separate jerky repetitions) for the duration of the 90 minutes. This is how TACFIT differs to normal training. It is about keeping your exercises fluid so that you get a cardio workout at the same time as strength training.

The five exercises completed in this TACFIT protocol were:

1.  TACFIT squat

2. TACFIT sit thru with lift

3. TACFIT push up on knees

4. TACFIT spinal roll with lift

5. TACFIT mountain climber with twist


Geraldine is better able to execute her protocols far more fluidly than when compared to our first class because of the muscle building in her arms and legs and the strengthening of her core.

At the end of today’s class Gez text us to say: “I see the definition in my arms. SO HAPPY!”

It is great to hear that Gez is beginning to see the changes in her body because this is what we’re after… results!

Bring on week 8!


Kats and Em xx


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