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Joburg’s weather has been pretty miserable lately, only to reach the high 20s yesterday. The contrast of cold and hot temperatures left us all feeling a little under the weather today.

Despite not feeling well, Gez still made the effort to attend class this morning – showing her absolute 100% percent commitment to the program and, most importantly, to herself.

Because TACFIT is a health first exercise system, we changed our schedule for today to suit Geraldine’s state of health. Movement is the best remedy for aches and pain but pushing yourself above your limits when feeling sick will not yield good results.

Today we focused on going back to basics with a joint mobility warm up and a “salute the sun” a yoga flow.

We started today with a thorough full body joint mobility session. We worked deep into the joints to release aches and pains that Geraldine is feeling from her flu and to bring new oxygen and blood into the muscles to assist her body to detox. We spent 20 minutes on our joint mobility warm up. Our breathing technique and slow controlled movements to rotate the joints through their full range of movement were the focus of this session.

After opening up the body to increase our energy levels, we worked through “salute the sun” a yoga flow. We broke down our yoga flow into its individual parts to practice and perfect Gez’s technique. We performed 10 reps of each exercise to work deeper into the joints and muscles to bring release.

On a normal day, Gez easily completes at least 12 rounds in 14 minutes but because she wasn’t feeling her best, Geraldine completed 4 rounds non-stop of the yoga flow today. We managed to elevate Gez’s heart rate to about 40% of her maximum heart rate, which is a good workout on a day like today. What counts is that Gez showed up and did something instead of ringing in to cancel her session today and doing nothing.

Going back to basics at any time is always beneficial because it reminds the body, nervous system and mind about the full range of movement that actually makes up one repetition. It is with consistent practice that technique is perfected and only perfect technique will enable Gez to reach her goals.


Kats and Em xx


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