Initiating South Africa's Fitness and Style Revolution

“Seriously died today!”

This morning we moved swiftly into a high intensity TACFIT training session. There is no holding back now because Gez is fast approaching the end of her 12 week challenge so Gez needs to push her training boundaries to ensure that she achieves her post-pregnancy weight loss, improved fitness and strengthening and toning goals.

A high intensity TACFIT training session means that Geraldine trained at between 60 and 80% of her maximum heart rate.

Today’s focus is the EMOTM TACFIT protocol.

Gez started off the EMOTM TACFIT protocol strong today, with 4 reps of each exercise. The protocol Geraldine tackled in today’s session was probably the most intense to date because of the exercises selected and the sequence in which the exercises were executed. It was an intense and fast moving upper body, lower body and cardio workout.

Geraldine felt challenged today. She managed successfully complete 18 out of the set 20 rounds in 20 minutes. Her body was able to cope under the pressure because she held her technique strong, and kept a good pace and used her exhale to push through challenging moments. Gez also managed to do proper push ups in today’s session, which is evidence of how much her strength has improved since starting The SO Fit Club’s Post-preggie Challenge. What an accomplishment in just 8 weeks!

Well done Gez, you worked through this one like a champion. We’re very proud of your achievement today.


Kats and Em xx


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