Initiating South Africa's Fitness and Style Revolution

The Style Solution

On successful completion of the 12-week fitness challenge you will receive a 90-minute style consultation to learn how to dress well in 10 minutes or less so that you don’t fall into a style rut post pregnancy because you 1) don’t have the time 2) don’t know how to dress your post pregnancy body or 3) just don’t feel good about yourself.

In your 90-minute style consultation you will learn how to master the art of dressing well for your body shape, personality and lifestyle so that you look your best every day.

In your style consultation, your style expert will:

  • Work out exactly which garment styles and accessories suit your body and face shape best
  • Show you how to use skillful styling and co-ordination strategies so that you look and feel attractive
  • Uncover your style personality and show you how to incorporate your style preferences in your lifestyle successfully

On completion of your style consultation, you will:

  1. Break out of your style rut and reclaim your identity
  2. Learn how to match your style choices with your body type
  3. Save money by avoiding purchase mistakes
  4. Save time by becoming a strategic shopper
  5. Stop wishing you had someone else’s body and make the most of yours
  6. Have fun and be a more confident you

On completion of your style consultation, you will receive:

  1. An online style portfolio detailing their personal style information. Style portfolios are accessible from an iPad and computer. To make sure mums are purchasing clothing styles and accessories that suit them, they should access their personal style portfolio via their iPad when shopping.
  2. A full-colour, 94-page style guide containing their personal style information. Should mums not own an iPad, they can use their style guide when shopping to make sure they are purchasing clothing styles and accessories that flatter their figure.


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