Initiating South Africa's Fitness and Style Revolution

Who are these Superwomen?

It was friends at first sight for Emma and Katya. Like two peas in a pod, they are same same, but different. They laugh at the same jokes, love cabbage salad but have totally different dress sense.

Emma and Katya met in 2003, while studying their Bachelors of Communication at Bond University. Their uni years were filled with laughs, academic awards and the shared dream to become catalysts for positive change in women, with particular focus on women’s well-being.

Upon graduation from Bond University, Ems and Kats went their separate ways to acquire the tools that they needed to realize their dream.

Emma graduated with her Advanced Masters in Marketing and International Business from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia and successfully completed the necessary training to become a qualified image consultant through The London Image Institute. In 2008 Emma established image-consulting company, Successful Outcomes. Emma works with her clients to upgrade their appearance and build their self-esteem and confidence. She calls this process developing their “personal brand”. Her work yields results – clients have landed jobs, been promoted, started dating successfully – but what is common in all testimonials is that people feel a whole lot better about themselves after building their personal brand with Emma. For Emma, seeing her clients happy and proud of themselves is what’s most rewarding.

Katya has been a student of Win Chung Kung Fu, a martial art that instills focus, self-discipline and deep sense of body awareness for over 10 years.  Her love of the human body, movement and good health led her to study a Diploma in Therapeutic Sports and Remedial Massage therapy in 2009 from The Cape Institute of Allied Health Studies. Upon the successful completion of her Diploma, Katya trained and treated some of South Africa’s finest sports teams including, Ajax Football club, the MTN cycle team, Western Force Rugby, South African Rugby, the Stormers and many individual cyclists, athletes, boxers and martial artists. From her treatments Katya realized that a gap between soft tissue manipulation and injury rehabilitation and prevention through movement and exercise exists. In an effort to close this gap for her clients, Katya qualified as a TACFIT field instructor as TACFIT is the most complete ‘health first’ approach to wellness. Katya uses her combined skills to assist her clients regain their sense of self by realizing their physical strength, minimizing their stress and anxiety and attaining their most athletic build and figure. Katya loves to be a part of her clients’ transformation when they take the steps to a healthier lifestyle and learn to love their unique form.

So after eight years of studying, training and hands on experience, Ems and Kats finally have a fully equipped tool kit with which to realize their shared dream to become catalysts for positive change in women, with particular focus on women’s well-being. They have founded The SO Fit Club to initiate a female fitness and style revolution in South Africa – and are kicking off with their post-pregnancy challenge.


2 comments on “Who are these Superwomen?

  1. Tshidi

    So this is what you guys were up to all along…taking over the world! I’m very impressed! Well done! Tshidi

    • thesofitclub

      Tshidi, thank-you for your enthusiasm and support. SO great to hear from you!
      Yes, we’re starting a revolution to help mums get back on their priority list – and we’re thrilled to be doing it.
      Hope you’ll join us!
      Em and Kats

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